Friday, October 14, 2005

Blond, James Blond.

Did you know that in every article I read today it mentioned the fact that Daniel Craig will be the first blond James Bond? Every single article!!!!!! Honestly, I wouldn't even call him blond (he's no Owen Wilson). Other descriptions were "fair haired" or "sandy haired". Which begs the question, does this actually matter to people? Obviously it does, as proved by my mentioning it. The other little bit of trivia mentioned in most articles is that Daniel will only be the 2nd Englishman to play 007 (Roger Moore being the other).

But let's get to the heart of the issue. Is Daniel Craig the right man for the job????? I have to say I'm not convinced.....but I'm not upset either. I've only seen him in TombRaider and I liked him. I haven't managed to see Layer Cake yet but have heard very good things about him in that film. My one complaint is that he's looking a little old for this movie. I say this only b/c it takes place when James Bond is young and first becomes 007. It's "The Hobbit" of James Bond movies. So I will reserve judgment until the film actually comes out.

Here is my wish list for the new James Bond (just in case Mr. Craig doesn't work out)-

*Gerard Butler - Lara Croft's other boy toy

*Eric Bana - maybe too pretty?

*Hugh Jackman - I LOVE YOU!

*Robbie Williams - was always a long shot but just oozed young Sean Connery!

The most important thing is that the following actors did not get offered the job (all were rumoured to be newest Commander Bond at one point in time) -
*Orlando Bloom - great as Legolas & Will Turner but not as a super suave super spy
*Colin Firth - Mark Darcy / Mr. Darcy......enough said
*Hugh Grant - ummmm, no
*Colin Farrell - too dirty
*Jude Law - not such a cad now that it appears SM had a little affair of her own


Anonymous Keri said...

My number one choice would be Clive Owen. He was born to be Bond, but I guess his career is too hot right now.

10:16 AM  

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