Saturday, August 19, 2006

Harry and the Potters and our own Harry Potter

If you know Marsi at all then you know that she loves Harry Potter. She dressed up for the release of Half Blood Prince, and read the last book in 3 days. When I heard about Harry And The Potters, I knew she'd love them. They are a couple of brothers who make punk pop music about Harry Potter. Dead serious free of irony. Little narrative songs that are awesome. The following video is a totally unauthorized video a fan made using real film clips.

Well, today at work, I found our Harry Potter entry in the look alike contest. Ben is the new guy and imagine our glee when we found out he had more in common with Harry then just the shaggy hair and glasses.

The beard is part of the disguise I'm sure.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Rockstar Supernova Drinking Game

The Rockstar Supernova Drinking Game
Photo Hosted at Buzznet

1. Dave Navarro's not wearing a shirt = 1 DRINK
2. Brooke has her fakies just popping out of her shirt = 1 DRINK
3. Someone says "Bro" or "Brother" = 1 DRINK
4. A member of Supernova make a "THIS SUCKS FACE" = 1 DRINK
5. Tommy mugs for the camea = 1/2 DRINK (COME ON NOW)
Photo Hosted at Buzznet
7. Someone says "DUDE" = 1 DRINK
8. Someone says "DUDE" to a chick = 2 DRINKS
9. The Lukas sneers or sticks out his tongue = 1 DRINK
Photo Hosted at Buzznet
10. Someone says "It's an honour just to be here = 1 DRINK
11. Someone says that "They are the right person for the band" = 1 DRINK
12. The phrase "song selection" is said = A THIMBLE OF A DRINK
13. Jason Newstead looks like he is in pain (mentally or physically) = 1 DRINK
14. Jason gets up and screams "I WAS IN MOTHER FUCKIN METALLICA, WHAT THE HELL AM I DOING HERE? FUCK THIS" and storms off the show = 10 DRINKS
16. Storm and Tommy Lee flirt = 1 drink
17. Navarro says "That was insane" or something with "AWESOME"
or "SICK" = 1 DRINK
Photo Hosted at Buzznet
18. Any of the members of Supernova mentions their previous bands = 1 DRINK
19. A contestant calls anyone on the panel a "HERO", "ROLE MODEL" OR "INSPIRATION" = 2 DRINKS
20. Same as above but says "You too Gilby" = 5 DRINKS

FYI - You'll usually be wasted by the first 10 minutes, so play at your own risk.

Friday, August 04, 2006

Because we Love Ok Go!!!

Check out the new video for "Here It Goes Again" called OK GO, ON TREADMILLS.

Friday, June 02, 2006

INXS Rocks The House

Last night I came home from the INXS concert without my shoes but with a concert experience worthy of a place in my Top 5 concerts of all time (I ranked it #3). It was such a great show!!!! Our seats were row ten, stage right so while we couldn't see the big video screens we did get to see JD nail Kirk w/ the mike stand (accident) and were close enough to see JD's grimaces of pain from his busted leg. What a show that guy put on w/ only one good leg. Amazing. The whole band was fabulous. Love Kirk's boots!

I should have written my blog entry last night b/c this morning it all seems so surreal and I don't know how to express how fun it was. One note of interest is that cell phone's are the new lighters. One of the coolest moments was when everyone was clapping and yelling for the encore and it was pitch black, I looked out over the crowd and saw a sea of blue cell phone screens swaying back and forth. It was AWESOME! Also saw a chick jump the fence and almost make it up on stage before getting tackled by two huge security guards (it's like a streaker at a football match). JD tossed out one of his shirts (pink!) and there was a full on cat scrap for it. Keri acknowledges that she would have fought to the death for it as well. I also thought JD was going to burn down the stage b/c he kept tossing lit cigarettes all over. We'd heard that JD likes to drop the F-bomb and thought it would be a fun game to keep count. Up until the encore he only said it twice but then all hell broke loose and he was using it every two seconds. All in all it was an excellent show and super fun night. Have to say that opening act Scott Stapp (yes of Creed and that nasty sex video w/ Kid Rock) was good, especially when belting out Creed's hits.

camera phone pics:

real camera pics (thanks Keri):

EDIT: I totally forgot to say that they were filming a "rock video" for Perfect Strangers. We're going to be famous. Well, maybe not but it was still fun.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Oh Rexy, You're So Sexy

I've got the day/night off of work b/c Keri and I are going to see INXS! Yeah! I will be sneaking in my camera and since we're sitting right next to the stage I (or Keri) will hopefully get some good pics. So I'm hanging out at home having a lazy day (wearing my Crest white strips) and was wanting to watch some daytime television. I'm watching channel 2 (you know the one that tells you all the shows that are on) and what do I see coming on at 1pm but BEVERLY HILLS 90210! I was so excited b/c I loved that show in high school! And guess what? It was the very first episode -- Luke Perry isn't even around yet. It was so fun to watch. The fashion is awful -- I can't believe we ever thought it was cool to wear spandex and large t-shirts and ginormous sunglasses. But the most exciting part is that right at the end of the episode, when Brenda's gotten into the Blue Iguana w/ her fake ID and Kelly and co. haven't, this guy starts hitting on her. And it's Rex Manning, REX MANNING! Looking a little younger and thinner and not quite as slimy but it was him. My day is complete.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Coming to the Cross Roads

I've been out of the housing market for years. I had my chance a three years ago when I put an offer in on a condo across the street from where I presently live. The price for this one bedroom 725 square foot piece of heaven?? I offered $172,000 and they countered with $177,000. This seemed like a huge amount of money to me at the time so I passed, and my opportunity to be a home owner passed with it.

Yesterday, after a long day working a double shift, I arrived home and gathered my mail and noticed a flyer from a condo development that is going up on a very busy corner where I live. This undesirable corner is the gateway to downtown and the point where ambulances and fire trucks are allowed to have their sirens on. It's rush hour 24 hours a day here.

It's also three blocks from where I work so I gave it the once over.

The first thing I noticed about the flyer, is that it featured the one and only Patrick Brealey, as the suave savvy bachelor and presumably, target market.

Look closely at this photo which is the main image they are using to entice buyers...
Patrick Brealey For the Cross Roads in Vancouver
I could, go on and on about the subtlety of this image but I think it pretty much says absolutely everything it wanted to say. The print copy has some big leeks in an inset box with the words TASTE MEETS DESIRE written below for you slow learners out there.

The second thing that struck me about this flyer was the price. Priced from $390,000 for a one bedroom "home". Whaaaa?? Did I miss something? I mean, I know I missed the boat but had the market gone so crazy that they were marketing $400,000 suites to young single people?? Who are buying these places? No one I know. I don't know a single, single who could afford to lay down $400k for a one bedroom apartment. I'm pretty sure that struggling musician Patrick Brealey can't.

Help the poor boy out by going to see his show on May 25 at 9:30 at the Media Club.

Monday, May 15, 2006

March Of the Canada Geese

While the rest of the world watched the Hornby Island Eagle Nest I had a smaller but happier experience here at home. Yes, it's the annual hatching of the Canada Goslings!

On any given day, I'd barely slow down my car to avoid hitting a Canada Goose. They are scary! Get too close and I think they'd eat you alive. They hiss! What other wild bird hisses! They are also poop machines. Not a day goes by when I'm not walking through a mine field of goose droppings.

Then there is that once a year when I love the geese. Every year since I've lived in this building, a family has made their nest in an adjoining balcony. Sure, they are loud and messy, but the miracle of seeing the mother caring for the nest and the father guarding the family is wonderful. Finally, the big day arrives and the eggs hatch!

The first year this happened was awesome, but I'm a city girl and was unaware of the ways of the wild. After only 24 hours out of the shell, a very scary event occurred. The parents went down to my complex courtyard and started to honk wildly. The seven babies were scurrying about on the 4th floor balcony chirping in a panic. I was afraid for them. The first baby jumped off the balcony and fell to (what I presumed to be) it's death. The second baby quickly followed and bounced off a planter box before (splat!) falling to the ground.

I was crying and in a panic while I tried to call my building manager to get them to go to the neighbours apartment to rescue the babies. No answer from management so on to Plan B which involved calling my most knowlegable animal loving friend. She informed me that Canada Geese have been jumping off balconies a lot higher then mine for a lot of years and that I was worrying for nothing. Sure enough, not long later, all seven babies were safe and waddling around the grass of courtyard.

I love that 24 hour miracle and this year was no different. I came home yesterday to hear those familiar little chirps coming from the balcony. There were only two babies this year, but mom continued to turn the eggs right up until the big jump.

Welcome to the world my little babies!

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Something Funny Found Somewhere Else

Here's a little something I found funny on the fabulous The Girl Who website.

This was meant as an inside joke among the seamstresses and staff of the Tom Bihn clothing company but once discovered, sales skyrocked.
"I'm going with the idea that it's a joke about me," Bihn told the Associated Press. But, he added, "clearly when you use the word 'idiot' and 'president' in the same sentence people jump to other conclusions."

Thursday, March 30, 2006

OK Go -- The Dance Off

As you may know, the plan is for myself & three friends to be able to perform OK Go's "A Million Ways" dance very soon. One small problem is that we have yet to start working on it. Here are some other OK Go fans (aka - the competition) that have a little bit more ambition than moi.

The boys from USC.....

The crew from Today FM (location? not sure) ........

And finally, one last routine. The sound isn't fabulous, you can hear them clapping but the clothes are great and the moves (for the most part) are tight.....

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Marsi's Law

also known as "The Celebrity Black Hole That Surrounds Me".

I live in Vancouver. A gorgeous city on Canada's West Coast. An urban paradise if you will. A city that draws TV & movie productions like a salt lick attracts a cow (obviously there is a proper saying that expresses this sentiment but I can't think of it right now).

Today is a gorgeous day. Blue sky, sunshine, birds chirping. I was walking down the street in my trendy neighbourhood towards the market when I saw a very typical sight in Vancouver -- the movie/TV/commercial production sign. Not a day goes by that you don't come across some sort of filming but Marsi's Law says this -- if you are with me you will NOT see any celebrities. I seriously feel like I am the only person in Vancouver who does not have their own personal celebrity story. Pierce Brosnan (see below), Colin Firth, Jennifer Garner, Sharon Stone, Mel Gibson, Matthew McYouKnowWhoIMean, Colin Farrell, Ben Affleck, my numero uno crush Hugh Jackman etc. I thought today might be different -- there was something in the air that made me think that today might be the day. The day that I would have my own celebrity sighting.

On the return trip from the market I am waiting for the light to change, watching the San Francisco police car get towed down the street when a crazy old lady waddles up to me to comment on the beautiful day. Now as Canadians were are very polite but we generally don't start chit chatting w/ perfect strangers on the street. But politeness demands a response so I concur that it is a gorgeous day and then promptly avoid eye contact. She then proceeds to tell me about her "spasms" and why she can't work. At this point the light has turned and I am trying to casually GET AWAY! As I'm pulling away from her she starts talking louder and louder. Again b/c I am so polite I keep responding. I am now almost at the other corner when I catch a glimpse of a very goodlooking, famous looking guy wearing cool sunglasses and a leather coat (too hot for this weather) smiling at me. Was this my celebrity moment? I don't know b/c instead of returning his smile I was hauling ass away from the crazy. As I analyzed the situation while running home I realized that he wasn't a celebrity and he wasn't smiling at me he was laughing.

So according to Marsi's Law, not only will I not see the celebrity but the celebrity will be replaced by a crazy person.

Remington Steele Sighted
This illustrates my point about everyone else having a celebrity moment. Cindy and several of her girlfriends were out last weekend at the Sutton Place hotel celebrating her 30th birthday. HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY CINDY! Esther was returning from the ladies' room when she ran into Mr. Remington Steele (aka Mr James Bond) himself Pierce Brosnan. They had a chat, he called her "beautiful" and this was the picture that was taken.

*sigh* I am so jealous!

*double sigh* Why can't I make the above font normal?! Why does the computer hate me so much?????