Sunday, October 16, 2005

Why I like Hockey Pools

I love Hockey. I love the Vancouver Canucks. I love Todd Bertuzzi, but this post isn't about that. It isn't about what I think about the new rules, like the shootout (love it) or what I think about the Canucks chances for the Stanley Cup (undecided). It's about the time honoured tradition of hockey pools and why I like them.

It's easy for a girl like me to like the Vancouver Canucks. Simply put, the Canucks are by far the cutest team in the league. Todd, Brendan, Markus...any one of them would make my Freebie Five.

What isn't easy, is loving the home team when they're down. I'm not panicking yet. It's early in the season but the boys don't really seem to be firing on all cylinders. This despite the fact that we are #1 in the Northwest Division at the moment.

This is where Hockey Pools come into this hockey fans life. Unbelievably, there are other teams besides the Canucks. 28 in fact. Now normally I wouldn't care about any of them but the hockey pool changes all that.

Hockey pools come in a variety of styles. The popular "draft" style is most suited to the fan who follows all the teams and who actually know stats, but I'm not that kind of fan, so I like the pick and choose pool style. Pick two players from each square of 6 players and you'll be awarded points on how they do.

Now it's not just the Canucks and "Them". Now I'm excited watching the sports highlights and seeing East Coast American Teams. Go Jagr! Way to hustle Sullivan!

Now I'm pretty sure I won't be collecting any winnings. Early in the season we are in 30th place with several injuries. (At least we didn't pick Brett Hull). It doesn't matter though. What matters is that following hockey has become a more enriching and fun experience. GO AERO STARS!!!


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