Saturday, August 19, 2006

Harry and the Potters and our own Harry Potter

If you know Marsi at all then you know that she loves Harry Potter. She dressed up for the release of Half Blood Prince, and read the last book in 3 days. When I heard about Harry And The Potters, I knew she'd love them. They are a couple of brothers who make punk pop music about Harry Potter. Dead serious free of irony. Little narrative songs that are awesome. The following video is a totally unauthorized video a fan made using real film clips.

Well, today at work, I found our Harry Potter entry in the look alike contest. Ben is the new guy and imagine our glee when we found out he had more in common with Harry then just the shaggy hair and glasses.

The beard is part of the disguise I'm sure.


Blogger Marsillini said...

Actually I read it in just over 24hrs. I do love Harry Potter!

9:32 AM  
Blogger Keri said...

I stand corrected.
You're lucky I couldn't find the photo of you and Nadine at the book release!

10:56 PM  

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