Monday, May 15, 2006

March Of the Canada Geese

While the rest of the world watched the Hornby Island Eagle Nest I had a smaller but happier experience here at home. Yes, it's the annual hatching of the Canada Goslings!

On any given day, I'd barely slow down my car to avoid hitting a Canada Goose. They are scary! Get too close and I think they'd eat you alive. They hiss! What other wild bird hisses! They are also poop machines. Not a day goes by when I'm not walking through a mine field of goose droppings.

Then there is that once a year when I love the geese. Every year since I've lived in this building, a family has made their nest in an adjoining balcony. Sure, they are loud and messy, but the miracle of seeing the mother caring for the nest and the father guarding the family is wonderful. Finally, the big day arrives and the eggs hatch!

The first year this happened was awesome, but I'm a city girl and was unaware of the ways of the wild. After only 24 hours out of the shell, a very scary event occurred. The parents went down to my complex courtyard and started to honk wildly. The seven babies were scurrying about on the 4th floor balcony chirping in a panic. I was afraid for them. The first baby jumped off the balcony and fell to (what I presumed to be) it's death. The second baby quickly followed and bounced off a planter box before (splat!) falling to the ground.

I was crying and in a panic while I tried to call my building manager to get them to go to the neighbours apartment to rescue the babies. No answer from management so on to Plan B which involved calling my most knowlegable animal loving friend. She informed me that Canada Geese have been jumping off balconies a lot higher then mine for a lot of years and that I was worrying for nothing. Sure enough, not long later, all seven babies were safe and waddling around the grass of courtyard.

I love that 24 hour miracle and this year was no different. I came home yesterday to hear those familiar little chirps coming from the balcony. There were only two babies this year, but mom continued to turn the eggs right up until the big jump.

Welcome to the world my little babies!


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sooo cute...i like birds too

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