Thursday, February 16, 2006

Snape Is Innocent T-Shirt UPDATE

So remember my "Snape is innocent" t-shirt that I bought from Punks And Nerds?

Well after I bought it I had a dream. I am sitting at a departure gate in LAX. I am reading a book (something brilliant -- not some fluffy chick lit). Suddenly a shadow falls across the book. I hear a deep, distinctive, sexy voice say "I like your shirt". I look up -- it's Alan Rickman (looking like Snape, but Snape in muggle clothes). We chat. I am funny. We bond. He records a new outgoing message on my voicemail ("This is Prof Snape, Marsi can't come to the phone b/c she's in detention....." etc). We become friends. The rest of the dream is personal but the point is that I was actually in LAX two weekends ago!!!!!! Wearing my Snape tshirt! Okay well obviously I wore it to LAX b/c of the dream but that's hardly the point. This is what happened...

I am sitting at a departure gate at LAX.

I am reading a book..........which was fluffy chick lit (don't judge me).

A shadow falls across the book.

A voice says "do you really think he's innocent?".

I look up.

It's grandma (no, not my grandma but grandma-age). So sadly I didn't meet Alan Rickman but I did meet several Harry Potter fans while waiting for my flight. This shirt is great for meeting people. Maybe next time it'll be some cute boy. Maybe someone like this......Notice the Magnum, PI inspired Navy hat?!?!

ps - I'm wearing the shirt right now.

Ode to Aloha Shirts and Short Shorts

Earlier today I was reading Jocelyn's blog and entered into a discussion about TV shows of our youth (okay honestly our youth/childhood). We were reminiscing about Captain Kirk and the fun cheese of Star Trek. So I started thinking about the shows that were important to me. Yes, I did love Captain Kirk (there's something wrong with you if you don't) but there is someone I love more. Someone who inspired my love of tanned men w/ chest hair, someone who made a Navy baseball cap something I had to own (and thanks to David I do), someone who made me want to move to Hawaii and become a PI (and while in Hawaii totally stalk him at his restaurant). That someone is, of course, Thomas Magnum!Magnum, PI was my favourite show. I would rush home from school to watch it (reruns). To this day I get all giggly when I hear the theme song. I loved Tom, loved Higgins, loved the car, loved Rick & TC, loved evrything about that show. Rumours are rampant that it will be coming to the big screen in the near future w/ George Clooney & Matthew McC_____ (you know who I mean) being mentioned as possibilities for Thomas. That could work, I love both those actors and think that esp Matthew could carry off the big mustache. But part of me (a big part) wants to see Tom Selleck in the role. So we won't get the "great" (I use that term loosely) fashion -- I, for one, would be more than happy not to see anymore men in short-shorts. Let's see what the past 20yrs have been like for Magnum. Did he settle down? Has he been a PI this whole time? Does he still love Aloha shirts?! Wouldn't that be cool?!?

After thinking about Thomas for a good 5 minutes, I started thinking about other shows of the era that I LOVED. For example: Tour of Duty, 21 Jump Street & Nasty Boys (to name a few). So here is my tribute to the shows of days-gone-by and a salute to the pre-teen/teen crushes they inspired..........

(set to "Paint It, Black" by The Rolling Stones and theme song of Tour Of Duty)

Save The, Day
by Marsi Marse & the Hunky Bunch
I see a dead whore and I wonder who did that
No evidence, no clues, the case is looking black
But there appears a man who knows more than I know
He's tall and dark and lean and so our story goes
Friends come together to help him save the day
The case is solved and now the bad guy's locked away
Chest hair and sun inspire some wicked fantasies
Short-shorts are wrong but sadly not all agree
Now, quick, to Vegas the drug lords are selling crack
They killed alot of cops and made a stack of cash
What's needed here is a team to save the day
Wear masks of black, have guns and say "there's hell to pay"
How scary could high school really be
With guns and drugs and punks, the end draws near for me
Narcs blend in to stop them and try to save the day
My love is Johnny but he's too busy to play
I see a soldier who is going to 'Nam
He's young and scared and I want to hold him back
With friends he'll drink and swear and look at girlie shows
He thinks "what the hell, my mom will never know"
Mmm mm mmm mmm mm mm mm m
Mmm mm mmm mmmm m mmm mm
Mmmm mm mmm mmm mmm mmm
Mmm mmm mmmm mm mmmm mmmm
Mmmmm mmm mmm mmm mmm
Mmm mmm mm mmmm mmm

Sadly that song creation took longer than expected and I have nothing else (witty or otherwise) to add. Except that I loved Nasty Boys, Tour of Duty, 21 JumpStreet and Magnum, PI. They were the greatest!!!!!!

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Rex Manning Day

Here's a little treat for all you tattooed, gum chewing freaks.
Damn the man! Save the Empire!

Thanks Jocelyn! You made my day! I love your blog!!!!!