Friday, June 02, 2006

INXS Rocks The House

Last night I came home from the INXS concert without my shoes but with a concert experience worthy of a place in my Top 5 concerts of all time (I ranked it #3). It was such a great show!!!! Our seats were row ten, stage right so while we couldn't see the big video screens we did get to see JD nail Kirk w/ the mike stand (accident) and were close enough to see JD's grimaces of pain from his busted leg. What a show that guy put on w/ only one good leg. Amazing. The whole band was fabulous. Love Kirk's boots!

I should have written my blog entry last night b/c this morning it all seems so surreal and I don't know how to express how fun it was. One note of interest is that cell phone's are the new lighters. One of the coolest moments was when everyone was clapping and yelling for the encore and it was pitch black, I looked out over the crowd and saw a sea of blue cell phone screens swaying back and forth. It was AWESOME! Also saw a chick jump the fence and almost make it up on stage before getting tackled by two huge security guards (it's like a streaker at a football match). JD tossed out one of his shirts (pink!) and there was a full on cat scrap for it. Keri acknowledges that she would have fought to the death for it as well. I also thought JD was going to burn down the stage b/c he kept tossing lit cigarettes all over. We'd heard that JD likes to drop the F-bomb and thought it would be a fun game to keep count. Up until the encore he only said it twice but then all hell broke loose and he was using it every two seconds. All in all it was an excellent show and super fun night. Have to say that opening act Scott Stapp (yes of Creed and that nasty sex video w/ Kid Rock) was good, especially when belting out Creed's hits.

camera phone pics:

real camera pics (thanks Keri):

EDIT: I totally forgot to say that they were filming a "rock video" for Perfect Strangers. We're going to be famous. Well, maybe not but it was still fun.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Oh Rexy, You're So Sexy

I've got the day/night off of work b/c Keri and I are going to see INXS! Yeah! I will be sneaking in my camera and since we're sitting right next to the stage I (or Keri) will hopefully get some good pics. So I'm hanging out at home having a lazy day (wearing my Crest white strips) and was wanting to watch some daytime television. I'm watching channel 2 (you know the one that tells you all the shows that are on) and what do I see coming on at 1pm but BEVERLY HILLS 90210! I was so excited b/c I loved that show in high school! And guess what? It was the very first episode -- Luke Perry isn't even around yet. It was so fun to watch. The fashion is awful -- I can't believe we ever thought it was cool to wear spandex and large t-shirts and ginormous sunglasses. But the most exciting part is that right at the end of the episode, when Brenda's gotten into the Blue Iguana w/ her fake ID and Kelly and co. haven't, this guy starts hitting on her. And it's Rex Manning, REX MANNING! Looking a little younger and thinner and not quite as slimy but it was him. My day is complete.