Monday, March 06, 2006

EW's Score

EW's best prediction year was 2004 when they went 21/24, pretty amazing. This year? Not so hot. They were 16/24. But as they've proved in the past couple of years they are golden on the major categories. Last year they were 8/8, while this year they were down to 7/8. They missed "Best Picture", predicting that Brokeback would win instead of Crash but only giving Brokeback a 5% lead.

Note to self -- go w/ EW's picks for next year's big 8 and maybe you'll actually win some money!

For all the Oscar buzz and EW's spin on things Click Here


Blogger Keri said...

As a long time subscriber to EW, I have to say that I love their coverage of their oscar picks, but I like the time honoured tradition of actually WATCHING the movies, and picking my choices based on what names of shorts appeal to me. :0)

10:14 AM  

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