Sunday, March 05, 2006

Oscar Party Cancelled

Due to a food related incident, involving bad take-out, Marsi & Arthur's annual Oscar party was cancelled! So sad!!!!!

I am in my pj's, laying on the couch (actually taking up both is that even possible?!) watching the Oscars by myself. Even Arthur has deserted me.

Here are the things I have learned from tonight's telecast.

1. I would gladly wish for the destruction of the world's population if it meant that I could repopulate it with Eric Bana!

2. Jennifer Garner is awesome and I love her. So classy and beautiful.

3. I should never try and make money by predicting winners in anything -- final score out of 24? Ten. But thanks to the Geishas', Reese & Crash I didn't totally suck. Congrats to Cdn Paul Haggis!!!!! What an amazing movie.

4. Penguins are awesome and make excellent Oscar dates.

5. Jon Stewart isn't very funny.

6. The Oscars are actually very boring to watch and it's all about spending time w/ your 6 closest friends, eating lots, placing wagers on the categories, playing games and talking through the acceptance speeches! Girls (& Marshall) I miss you!!!!!! Next year!

ps - Narnia was amazing and I wish it had won more awards! But YEAH for Makeup!

pps - Thank you to the Academy for not letting Beyonce sing the best songs. That was the biggest mistake of last year or any year.

Want to see the CD that would have been given out in the gift bag?! Click here!


Blogger Keri said...

I agree it's all about hanging with your girls and talking about what everyone is wearing, and who we'd like to repopulate the world with!

9:17 PM  

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