Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Super Cool Band -- OK Go

So I wasn't even at SXSW but I have a new favourite band courtesy of the festival. OK Go. Keri sent me an email after seeing them live and she was raving about the show -- especially about the dance routine that they performed at the end of the show (and every show). Check it out.....okay this is my first attempt to add video to a post *fingers crossed*

"A Million Ways" by OK Go

Did that work? Hope so. Anyways, so I've watched the video several times (LOVE IT!) and have decided that we (May, Keri, Deb and I) will be performing sections of the routine at an upcoming birthday. I've also since checked out their MySpace account, Flickr account and blog.

In true rock star fashion, lead singer Damian Kulash was recently (Mar 12) arrested outside Orlando's House Of Blues (where I will be in the fall -- please let there be a good band playing!). Here is how the incident unfolded.....

The rumors are true. Damian J. Kulash was arrested last night.

Here's the full story:

Late last night, while standing in front of the Orlando House of Blues, Damian Kulash was arrested and charged with "intent to take pictures and talk to fans." Also, there was a little matter of resisting arrest, which is the official charge. The unofficial charge is "giving the wrong answer when a police officer asks you 'what part of move don't you understand?'". For those of you planning travel in the Orlando area, the correct response is not "I understood what you said; I just didn't do it." Damian didn't know that, so he was immediately handcuffed and taken inside the venue to chants of "Let him go!" (Had I been there the chants would have been "Jorge, NO!!! It's not worth it!" 'cause you know I got my boy's back.)

A bunch more cops were quickly summoned to help with all the standing around and not doing much, and eventually Damian, still handcuffed, was shoved into the back of a squad car and taken "downtown," a ride that became more fun when the SUV full of girls pulled up next to the cop car waving FREE DAMIAN signs. Damian thanks you, ladies.

Upon arrival, our hero was mugshotted, fingerprinted and thrown into a cell with a bunch of people who didn't want to sign the OK Go email list. Damian was locked up for about nine hours, during which time he ate corn flakes and made friends with a couple of guys, one of whom had rescued his longtime girlfriend from a crack den earlier that day, only to have her sic the cops on him when he came by her apartment to make sure she was doing okay. To that guy, I say: Dude--she just doesn't love you.

Damian was released this morning, and promises he'll be in fine fettle for Tuesday's show in Jacksonville. Until then, he'd like to address two rumors that have sprung up on the Internet in the last 24 hours: No, he wasn't drunk; and Yes, he did get the arresting officer to watch the "A Million Ways" video on the on-board computer. If that's not awesome, awesome doesn't exist. written by Andy Ross aka Rusty from OK Go's blog The Will To Rock

Hmmmm, so I wanted to post Damian's mug shot but am having some computer issues so here's the link instead.............dangerous criminal What a bad ass! I love it!


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So I just realized that it's OK Go -- not OK GO. Tried to edit the blog but got an error message. Just wanted everyone to know that I actually do know how to "spell" their name.

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