Friday, March 10, 2006


Pop Culture contributor Keri (and by "contributor" I mean the person who has written all of two posts but likes to leave comments). Anyways, Keri is off this week for the big-ass music festival/conference that is known as South By Southwest in Austin, Texas. I'm hoping that once she's back she will write us a post about her time there. It should make for some good reading as she's going as music exec Barb's plus-one AND has a VIP pass. Read about Keri's previous plus-one adventures.

There are hundreds of artists taking part. I glanced at the list but since I am not very hip w/ new music, I hadn't heard of any of them. Well, I'd heard of about 10 but ten out of hundreds isn't very good. Of the acts that I did know here are a few:
- Sam Roberts
- Flogging Molly
- Ted Leo & the Pharmacists
- K-Os
- Vancouver's own Swollen Members

I told Keri that while she as there she should make time to eat some biscuits b/c my favourite thing about Texas is the biscuits! I love biscuits!!!! I was stranded there for just over 24hrs a couple of years ago (tornados shut down the airport.....yeah it was fun) and at our hotel they had a free breakfast. I went down in the AM expecting cold danishes & maybe some fruit but it was a full (cooked) breakfast buffet. They had a chef and pancakes/waffles/eggs made to order, sausages/bacon/ham, cereals, breads & pastries, grits (cause it's the South) etc. But the best part was the biscuits! They were baked w/ honey and TO DIE FOR! Mmmmmmm, yummy.

What was I talking about?! Oh yeah, music. So Keri's having an awesome time in Texas and I'm hungry.


Blogger Keri said...

Metric, Flaming Lips, Beastie Boys, Neil Young, Kris Kristopherson, Lyle Lovett, Gordie Johnson or Big Sugar, Robert Pollard of Guided by Voices, Decemberists (pirate CD, Dropkick Murphys (Irish CD) The Strokes, The Go Go's, Morrissey. Surely you know a few of them.

If not, well, it is an indie music fest so have no fear. I know an indie music fan lurks inside.

PS. It wasn't a VIP pass, it was just a pass or a "badge" as it's known here.

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